Kinda Alloush reveals that she has cancer

In an interview with journalist Mona El Shazly on the YouTube channel, artist Kinda Alloush revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer for the first time.

Kinda said that she is still receiving treatment, as she has finished radiotherapy and is continuing chemotherapy sessions.

Regarding the beginning of the symptoms, Kinda said, “I felt that there was a problem in one of my breasts, and upon examination I discovered the presence of more than one malignant tumor, and I have a branching nodule of cancer.” Pointing out that her grandfather and uncle died of cancer, but she dealt with the news with a calm and calm spirit. While her husband, actor Amr Youssef, was more afraid of her, she said.

The Syrian artist spoke about her experience breastfeeding her son Karim for 9 months before she decided to stop due to the symptoms she felt, which prompted her to undergo the necessary medical examinations and discover the nature of the cancerous tumor and the arduous treatment journey over the past year.

She continued: “Today, I have completed a year and a month of treatment,” and confirmed that she has not lost hope of recovery.

Kinda revealed that her mother also contracted breast cancer at the same time, and that they are receiving treatment together until now.

Kinda said: “I never said to him, ‘Lord,’ and I felt that God was sending me a message that I care about myself, my health, and my mother.”

It is noteworthy that Kinda’s latest work was the film “Exodus”, which won the Audience Award at the Venice Film Festival, starring Samer Al-Masry, Nizar Al-Ani, and Hala Zein.

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