Kris Jenner Jokes She ‘Counts Grandkids’ Not Sheep Before She Goes to Bed

Kris Jenner loves having a big family.

While appearing on Katie Couric Media and iHeartPodcasts’ show Next Question with Katie Couric, the Kardashian matriarch, 68, talked about how close her big family is, sharing that she “craves seeing my grandkids.”

“Thank goodness Khloé lives next door, because I know that I’m guaranteed to see those two little dolls every day, hopefully,” says the momager, who goes by “Lovey” to her grandkids, adding that she was able to see daughter Kylie Jenner‘s kids the day before.

“And so I go to bed every night thinking, okay, how many kids did I get to see today? That’s kind of my little treat I give myself is just can’t say counting sheep,” Jenner jokes. “I count grandkids.”

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Jenner goes on to tell Katie Couric, who just became a grandma, that she has so much to look forward to, adding that it’s sometimes funny the way her relationship with her grandkids can evolve.

“I have so many, but I’ll go through…they go through this period where they aren’t as lovey-dovey, like at about 18 months, as I wish they were,” Jenner says. “And then all of a sudden when, six months later, they won’t stop calling your name or being right there hugging you.”

Jenner is mom to six kids — KourtneyKimKhloéKendallKylie and Rob — and grandma to thirteen grandkids.

In the same interview, the momager shared that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving parenting advice to her brood.

“I always speak my mind… when you feel like making a comment or offering unsolicited advice. I’m sure I annoy them constantly, my kids,” says Jenner.

“I’m always giving advice or we send things to each other,” she continues. “I send so many things like on DM and I’ll send them a Reel of I’ll send them some tip I’ve learned or [go], ‘Did you hear about this has too much sugar in it? You know you can’t eat this poison.”

“So I’m sure my kids think I’m a wackadoodle, but they are very respectful and probably pretend to appreciate my advice.”‘

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