Learn how to add parental controls to Amazon Fire TV in 6 steps

Provides a device Amazon Fire TV It offers you a wide range of features such as streaming content, playing games, controlling your smart devices, browsing the web, and much more.

However, some of the content available on the Platform may not be suitable for children, and some may require downloading, purchase or rental.

This is where Amazon Fire TV’s parental controls come into play. These controls are mainly focused on restricting access to apps and purchases, but also to keep kids’ eyes safe from content you don’t want them to see.

Here’s how to set up parental controls on your Amazon Fire TV to better protect your family and your wallet.

Set parental controls on your Amazon Fire TV device

When you activate parental controls, you’ll be prompted to enter your personal identification number (PIN) before you try to purchase videos, apps, and games. The PIN is also required to play videos with specific age ratings.

Step 1: To set your PIN, on the Fire TV home screen, choose the Settings menu. It is a gear symbol.

Step 2: Next, choose Account and Profile Settings.

Step 3: Choose Parental Controls, then choose Parental Controls again on the next page. (The setting must be off.)

Step 4: Next, add a five-digit PIN for your Fire TV to require it for certain actions.

Step 5: Enter your PIN again to confirm setup. Then choose OK.

Step 6: Once you’ve set up a PIN, you can configure your parental control settings according to your preferences. For example, you can require the use of your PIN for any purchases made through Fire TV, including in-app purchases, games, and apps.

Moreover, you can also request to use a PIN to launch any of the installed applications. Make sure to save this PIN and restrict access to it.

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