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LG Baumer in Petah – and Rishon LeZion Municipality will hold a variety of events and activities

The Rishon Lezion Municipality is preparing for the celebrations of LJ B’Omer. This year, the celebrations will take place for an entire week with community bonfires throughout the neighborhoods, alongside green bonfires and activities for children. Throughout the next week (May 19-22), the Community Administration, in cooperation with the Environmental Quality Administration, will hold a wide variety of activities for children and green bonfires designed to replace the usual bonfires and reduce environmental pollution.

what’s in plan?

About 35 fire shows adapted for ages kindergarten through second grade in the public gardens – open for registration to garden committees and the general public; 40 lantern tours and gathering for the general public; 4 hubs of a headphone party for children aged 3-4 – for registration through the school committees only; and a variety of green activities in the youth movements.

Participation in the activities is free of charge, but is subject to pre-registration.

*For all events and registration go to the link: https://www.coing.co/RishonLeZion_Club_Holidays*

Also, on Thursday (23.5.24), the Environmental Quality Administration will hold community bonfires, two of which are accessible, at 12 centers throughout the city. There will be special fire shows at the bonfires and the municipality will even provide the planks. Residents are asked to refrain from lighting fires in other areas of the city.

*Below is the list of centers*:

HaKokia St. corner of the turn

Hatayshev St. (in the lot after the settlement 18)

Shlomo Iraqi St. (in front of Beit 26)

End of Dodo Dotan St., corner of Einstein

In front of 21 Molik Ill St

Shlomo Halevi St. (in front of 8)

Alof David St. (in front of 18 Kiryat HaLaum)

37 Avni Hoshun-Torah and Avodah St. (opposite the welfare building)

Drobin St. corner 578

The circle of peace behind the community center

In addition, there will be two accessible bonfires:

Ben Gurion St., near the resident’s garden

Yosef Burg St. (in the lot of Shlid Beit Helmin

*Mayor, Raz Kinstlich*: “LJ B’Omer is a social, beloved and catchy holiday that gives us an opportunity to celebrate with those close to us. Rishon Lezion is a green city that prioritizes the issue of environmental quality, and again this year we will celebrate with community bonfires in 12 centers throughout the city and with green and fun activities suitable for children in order to reduce air pollution. I invite everyone to come and celebrate together in the community.’

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