Luis Castro justifies…the truth of his “insulting” statements about Al-Nasr

Luis Castro has sparked controversy in the past hours.


Portuguese Luis Castro, coach of the Saudi Al-Nassr Club, revealed the fact that he “underestimated” his team. After falling in front of Al-Raed, yesterday, Thursday.

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According to local media, Castro said after the loss (1-3) to Al-Raed, in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 Saudi Roshen Professional League competition: “Since when has Al-Nasr not won a championship? Do not make me feel that the team wins a title every year“.

These statements opened the gates of hell for Castro, from the adoring Christian masses. The Portuguese coach came out and denied, through Al-Riyadiya newspaper, that he disparaged Al-Nasr Club or its fans. “I am not responsible for my statements being misinterpreted at conferences,” he said.

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Luis Castro emphasized that he wants to win titles and championships with Al-Nasr Club. That is why he is at the helm of the first football team, even now.

It is worth noting that Castro signed contracts with Al-Nasr Club at the beginning of the current sports season 2023-2024, for a period of two years until June 30 of 2025.


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