Mahmoud Al-Bazawi recalls his memories with Adel Imam from the scenes of “Na Band.”

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

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The artist Mahmoud Al-Bazawi celebrated the birth anniversary of the artist Adel Imam and published an archive photo of them together on his official Instagram account.

The photo is from behind the scenes of filming the series “Naji Atallah Band,” and “Al-Bazawi” commented on it: “Happy birthday to the leader, sir, and you are welcome, and as I always say, there is a tragic and comedic representation and there is Adel Imam.”

The artist, Isaad Younes, and her company, the Arab Cinema Company, revealed that the film “Alzheimer”, the latest film of leader Adel Imam, will be shown in a number of Arab countries to celebrate his birth anniversary, including Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the screening of the film “Alzheimer’s” in Saudi cinemas on May 16 to celebrate the birthday of leader Adel Imam. Turki published the film’s poster on his official Facebook account and commented: “Alzheimer’s film for leader Adel Imam.” Imam in Saudi cinemas on the occasion of his birthday, starting May 16.

The great star, Adel Imam, celebrates his 84th birthday on May 17. He was born in 1940 and is one of the most prominent and powerful giants of Egyptian cinema. He was born in the village of Shaha, Mansoura Center, Dakahlia Governorate.

Imam moved to the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood in Cairo at a young age, where his father was an employee in a government factory. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in agriculture at Cairo University. He is married and has three children: director Rami Imam, a graduate of the American University, artist Mohamed Imam, and his only daughter, Sarah.

Adel Imam and Mahmoud Al-Bazawi

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