Majed El-Kedwany: “The first love of my life was in elementary school” – video

Written by Bahira Fouda:

Artist Majed El-Kedwany talked about the first love story he experienced in his life, which was in elementary school.

Al-Kadwani said, during his interview on the “Big Time Podcast” program, presented by the journalist Amr Adeeb and the singer Asala, on the “mbc1” screen: “I was in elementary school, a child and the lover of an older woman at university. I always wanted to be better with her, and I was happy when I see her. If I go out, I still want to say, ‘Take me with you.’ It was a very strange relationship and very strange feelings.”

He added: “She was very beautiful, and the daughter of my father and mother’s friends, and I preferred to love her in silence.”

It is noteworthy that Majed Al-Kedwany’s latest work is the film “Abu Nasab”, starring Mohamed Imam, Yasmine Sabry, Wafa Amer, Hala Fakher, Salah Abdullah, written by Ayman Wattar, directed by Rami Imam.

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