Mati Caspi reacts for the first time to the storm around him: “It’s good that it made noise”

The singer Mati Caspi, who is not known as an overly political figure, caused a stir this week when he published a post on his Facebook account in which he contested the assertion that the attack on October 7 was an intelligence or security failure and ruled that “everyone who is not connected, knows that this is treason.” This morning (Wednesday) he referred for the first time to the public echo following his words.

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Caspi spoke with Shai Goldstein and Erez Tadmor on Gali Israel radio and this is what he had to say about the storm he caused: “I say my words once and that’s enough, it made its echo and that’s it.” I’m not a political person, I don’t belong to the left or the right, I have a variety of opinions that can be interpreted in any direction, I said mine and I made the noise I asked to make and it’s good that it made noise.”

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As I recall, these were Caspi’s full words in a post on Facebook: “Things that make my heart ache. Every time a high-ranking member of Hamas is killed, the media points out that the killing was directed by the Shin Bet and the Mossad, who knew how to follow the high-ranking official and give accurate information about the building he entered, which floor he went to And which window to launch the missile. I believe in these facts.”

Here came the part of the conspiracy: “But I do not believe that the Shin Bet and the Mossad did not know how to follow a huge Shoveldozer tractor that was traveling slowly, at a speed of maybe 10 km/h, accompanied by hundreds of terrorists and civilians, in order to break through the most sophisticated fence in the world and rape, decapitate and Massacred 1,500 civilians for many hours, without IDF intervention on all his troops. And then the phrase ‘failure or security breach’ is pumped to those who are religiously connected to the television. Anyone who is not connected knows that this is treason.”

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