Mena Massoud announces his engagement to Indian actress Emily Shah

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

Canadian actor of Egyptian descent, Mena Massoud, officially revealed his engagement to Indian actress Emily Shah through his official accounts on social networking sites, including Instagram.

“Mina” published a video clip on his story, during which he appeared with the Indian actress Emily Shah and announced his engagement to her during his interview with “Hello” magazine, where they published a poster for the digital version of the magazine, and the official page published the news through its official account on the same application.

The page commented on Mina’s engagement: “Aladdin star Mina Massoud announces his engagement to Indian star Emily Shah. In an exclusive interview with our magazine, the distinguished couple announced their engagement by publishing stunning photos from their first official photo session as a couple from Japan, the place Mina chose for the marriage proposal.” On the love of his life, Mina expressed his enthusiasm during the exclusive interview and said, “I felt like I really wanted to marry this woman.”

Mena Massoud recently finished filming his new film, “Wish You Were There,” with the participation of an elite group of Hollywood stars, led by American director Julia Stiles and American actress Isabelle Foreman. It is scheduled to be released commercially during the coming period. The film’s events revolve around a romantic framework around “Charlotte,” who… She imagines entering into a romantic relationship with a man from the future named “Adam.” The relationship goes through many situations and challenges.

Mena Massoud has signed a contract for a number of cinematic works that are scheduled to be released successively during the coming period, most notably the Egyptian film “In the Era of the Day,” starring actress Iman Al-Assi, artist Mahmoud Hegazy, artist Mirna Nour El-Din, written by Karim Sorour, directed by Markus Adel.

He is also awaiting the start of filming the second part of the movie “Aladdin”, which is the realistic version that he presented in 2019. It was his first cooperation with Disney, starring the American star Will Smith, and it achieved global revenues amounting to one billion and 54 million dollars from a production budget estimated at 183 million.

It is noteworthy that Mena Massoud’s last appearance in Hollywood was in the horror film “The Sacrifice Game” in 2023.

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