Mohamed Lotfy reveals the secret of his disagreement with Mohamed Shaheen: I was at the beginning of the marriage and he criticized me in a way that is not for men | news

The artist Mohamed Lotfy revealed the secret of his dispute with the artist Mohamed Shaheen, which is a dispute that stems from their participation in one of the artistic works, during their falling victim to today’s episode of the program “Ramez Jab Min Al-Akhir” broadcast on MBC Egypt.

Muhammad Lotfy said: “I was at the beginning of my passport at that time, and you knew the rules of marriage after the first year. I was cheating and cheating, and he told me to remove the shirt because of the grease, and I felt that it was a standard not for men. He was the one who stopped me.”

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Mohamed Lotfy and Mohamed Shaheen in Ramez Gap from the other

The program presenter, Ramez Jalal, asked Muhammad Shaheen whether he felt resentment toward Muhammad Lotfy, to which he responded, saying: “This is my brother.”

Ramez Jalal, the presenter of the episode, said: “Today’s episode of Tar Byte is a quarrel that went on for years and everyone witnessed it. It started with joking and ended seriously. It started with a new face and began a path of love in which a comedian works, but he collided with an artist in Hulagu’s body, and the quarrel began between them.”

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Muhammad Lotfy in Ramiz came from the other

He added: “Today is our date with the two who have been at loggerheads for years, Al-Ghatt and Al-Qafoush, who have an enmity that cannot be erased by the years… Muhammad Lotfy and Muhammad Shaheen.”

Muhammad Lotfy in Ramiz came from the other

The “Ramez Jab Min Al Akher” program, which is broadcast daily after the Maghrib call to prayer, as usual, witnesses an atmosphere of terror, suspense and excitement towards the guests. The promo sparked positive reactions from the fans and followers of the star Ramez Jalal in Egypt and the Arab world, due to the scenes it contained that combine horror and comedy in… The same time because of the exciting and unexpected adventures facing the stars who fell into Ramez’s trap.

Mohamed Shaheen in Ramez Jaab from the other

This year, a large number of art, sports and media stars fell into the Ramez trap, including Ahmed Al-Sakka, Somaya Al-Khashab, Bassem Samra, Hamdi Al-Marghani, Ayten Amer, Hassan Shakoush, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Hossam Mido, Hamada Hilal, Mohamed Riad, Pamela Al-Kik, Mohamed. Shaheen, Hassan Asiri, and many other stars.

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