Mor Meman broke up with her partner whom she knew in a match: “Everything is going wrong for the better”

Mor Meman (Instagram photo/ Mor Meman)

Mor Meman (28), a businesswoman and Israel’s beauty queen for 2014, got engaged a month ago to her partner, Shalom Rahab Meshulam (41), whom she met as part of a match. In recent days, it was reported on the “Arab Tov” Instagram page, the two broke up and canceled their engagement.

This morning Maman published her first response to the separation, when she wrote: “Everything is going wrong for the better.”

Meman is the mother of two children, from her marriage to the French businessman Israel Frank Amsalem. The two broke up two years ago. Rahav Meshulam is the owner of a boxing gym and the father of three children. There is a gap of 13 years between the two.

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Meman got closer to religion and began to repent eight years ago. Two weeks ago she referred to her feelings regarding the procedure she chose and the change in her approach in recent years.

Maman wrote to her followers: “Not many people know about me, I didn’t come from a religious home. Eight years ago when I started to grow stronger in my faith, I took on modesty. I admit, the modesty lasted exactly two months. Because I didn’t understand what I understand today, and how significant it is.”

“Today I understand that modesty is royalty. Today I understand that when you close from the outside, you allow your inner light to come out and gain meaning. Today I understand the beauty, the meaning, the right, the royalty and the mission. Modesty is a responsibility, because when you are dressed in modesty, so is your inside It should be on the same frequency. It’s something that starts from the inside out. Thank God for the right to return to it, precisely from a place where I saw everything, to choose it.”

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