More than 200 candidates withdraw in France to block far-right

Local media reported that more than 200 candidates confirmed that they will not run in Sunday’s second round of the National Assembly elections.French Parliament) consisting of 577 seats.

And achieved National Rally Party who you lead Marine Le Pen A major advance in the first round of elections held last Sunday after the president’s adventure Emmanuel Macron By holding early elections with counterproductive results that put his centrist camp in third place behind the National Rally party and a hastily formed leftist alliance.

But even before the maneuvers of the past 24 hours to form a “Republican Front” to block the anti-immigration, eurosceptic party, it was far from clear whether the National Rally would be able to win the 289 seats needed for a majority.

Opinion pollsters for the first round expected the National Rally to win between 250 and 300 seats.

But that was before tactical withdrawals and calls by various parties for voters to back whichever candidate was best able to defeat a local rival from the National Rally.

“The game is not over. We must mobilise all our forces,” Paris’ Socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo told France 2.

The National Rally Party opposes strengthening integration with European Union Funding for the union may be cut off.

Advocacy groups have raised concerns about human rights There are concerns about how his “national preferences” and anti-immigrant policies will affect ethnic minorities, and economists question whether his massive spending plans have the funding to cover them fully.

Republican Front

There was initially ambiguity about whether Macron’s allies would step aside in local contests in favour of rival candidates better placed than the party. France The far-left party led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

But Macron said Monday at a closed-door meeting of ministers at the palace: The Elysee The top priority is to prevent the National Rally from coming to power, and La France Insoumise candidates could be supported if necessary.

The Republican Front has succeeded before, as in 2002 when voters of all stripes rallied behind it. Jacques Chirac To beat Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, in the presidential race, but it is not certain how willing voters are these days to follow the directives of political leaders, and Marine Le Pen’s efforts to improve her party’s image have made it less alienating to millions.

A poll by Ifop showed that a small majority of those who voted for the conservatives in the first round would back the leftist candidate best placed to beat the National Rally’s rival in the second round, unless that candidate was from Mélenchon’s France Insoumise party.

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