Mustafa Ismail.. He read the Qur’an twice in Al-Aqsa Mosque and was baptized on the radio without an exam

Mustafa IsmaelHe was born on June 17 in the village of Mit Ghazal in the Al-Santa center in the Gharbia Governorate. He is the eldest son of his father, and his family is considered notable.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail joined the Qur’an as was the custom of the villagers. He memorized the Qur’an when he was twelve years old, then he joined the Ahmadi Institute in Tanta, to complete his studies. He also reviewed the Qur’an 30 times at the hands of his Sheikh Idris Fakher, who praised him in front of his family one night during Ramadan, when He read Surat “S” in full, and then the grandfather decided to reward Sheikh Idris Fakher for his efforts with him.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was distinguished by his confidence. During his stay in Tanta, the body of a notable arrived from Istanbul to be buried there. A relative of the deceased invited him to read in the funeral pavilion, which was attended by Prince Muhammad Ali, Prince Omar Toson, and Saad Zaghloul, in addition to notables from other directorates. And in the midst of all these attendees, and in the presence of the great readers, he rose confidently and dazzled the attendees with his reading, so that night would be the real starting point for him.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was distinguished by his long eloquence, and the combination in his reading of the rules of recitation, intonation, the science of recitations, interpretation, and maqamat. He used to conjure the argument of the Qur’an in his voice, broadcasting it to the hearts of the listeners. Therefore, with his fame and people’s knowledge of him in Gharbiyah Governorate and the neighboring governorates, one of his friends advised him to travel. To Cairo, and despite the spread of great talents and vocalists, Cairo opened its doors for him, so that he could take his special place, in the hearts of everyone.

In 1943, King Farouk heard him in a ceremony broadcast on the Egyptian radio from the Hussein Mosque, so he ordered him to be summoned, and when he went to the office of Murad Pasha Mohsen, the Royal Privy Officer, he asked him to recite the Qur’an, and as soon as he read, everyone around him was humbled, and the king joined them, and when he finished From reading, the king requested a contract with him to read in the palace, to become the royal palace reader.

He also cooperated with the Egyptian Radio in 1948, becoming the first reciter to join it without an exam. The Egyptian Radio contributed to his fame outside Egypt. He was also appointed reciter of Al-Azhar Mosque, and he continued to hold this position until his death.

President Sadat loved him so much that he imitated his voice while he was in prison, and he also chose him as part of the delegation that traveled with him to Jerusalem.

Sheikh Mustafa Ismail received invitations to read outside Egypt, and he welcomed them. He spent Ramadan nights in those countries. He also visited more than 25 Arab and Islamic countries, and read the Qur’an twice in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He received many medals, such as the Order of the Republic, First Class, which he received from President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the Cedar Medal from Lebanon.

On December 26, 1978, Sheikh Mustafa Ismail passed away from our world, at the age of 73. He left more than 1,300 recordings of his recitations to Arab and Islamic radio stations, which are still broadcast today.

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