Nancy Ajram: Femininity is not a weakness… and a man who beats his wife is weak

Mohammed Shaban

Published on: Saturday, March 16, 2024 – 3:51 AM | Last updated: Saturday, March 16, 2024 – 3:51 AM

Actress Nancy Ajram expressed her categorical rejection of all forms of violence against women, stressing that assaulting a woman by her husband is unacceptable.

She explained during the “Big Time” podcast with the journalist Amr Adeeb, on the “MBC1” screen, shown on Friday evening, that there is a big difference between femininity and weakness, saying that she loves a strong woman who possesses femininity and strength, while she does not like a weak woman.

She pointed out that a woman’s strength lies in her femininity, stressing that this strength enables her to obtain all her rights and gives her a strong presence in life so that she can assume and rise to the highest positions.

She called for the need for campaigns to educate women about their rights, stressing that femininity is not a weakness, but rather a strength, especially if the woman is cultured and educated.

She expressed her disgust at hearing about a woman being beaten by her husband, wondering why some women accept violence: “How do you accept…and how did you accept?”

She believed that a man who beats his wife is a weak man who lacks self-confidence, especially since he is controlling a woman who he knows is physically stronger than her.

Journalist Amr Adeeb commented on actress Nancy Ajram’s recent statement about men being stronger than women, sarcastically: “Not always.”

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