National News Agency – Ministry of Energy: Chemical materials will soon leave Tripoli oil facilities as soon as the last tender is awarded

NNA – The Ministry of Energy and Water issued the following statement:
“Some parties have transmitted information and news about the presence of chemicals in oil facilities in Tripoli and that the Ministry of Energy is indifferent.

Out of the Ministry’s keenness to clarify the facts as it is accustomed to before public opinion and to preserve its credibility and public safety:

First – The Ministry, as soon as it was informed of the matter since the year 2021, instructed oil facilities to conduct the required tenders in order to pack these materials in a safe, scientific manner in order to transport them.
Secondly – Several tenders have been conducted since the year 2022 within the legal procedures, one of which was awarded on 12/22/2022 to the Italian company Garco, and the Minister of Energy did everything necessary in this context and gave the company special permission to take samples from the premises of the facilities and sent letters to the concerned authorities to inform them of the progress Things. After the aforementioned company hesitated several times to implement the terms and conditions of the contract, the most important of which was placing a performance guarantee, the Ministry sent several letters and warnings to the aforementioned company without a response, which prompted the Ministry to terminate the contract with the company.

Third – A new tender was conducted on 1/15/2024 and was repeated on 2/15/2024 and on 2/26/2024, as a sufficient number of bidders did not apply.
Fourth – A new tender was also conducted after consulting the Public Procurement Authority, and its offers will be opened on 3/12/2024, that is, next Tuesday, to be awarded to one of the companies that will transfer these materials.

So, in light of all of the above, the Ministry of Energy confirms that it is doing everything necessary in this context.”


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