News | De Rossi: We achieved a well-deserved victory over Milan… and qualification has not been decided yet

De Rossi: We achieved a well-deserved victory over Milan… and qualification has not been decided yet

4 hours ago

League Plus – Roma coach Daniele De Rossi confirmed that his team deserved to beat Milan in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the European League.

Dee said in press statements after the match: “We achieved a well-deserved victory. We were the better side throughout the match. The players gave a strong performance against a good competitor.”

He added: “Milan has strength on the left side, which has allowed it to dominate matches in recent years, so it seemed appropriate to make changes for us in order to provide a different performance. Paulo Dybala continued his brilliance, but Brian Cristante also helped us and was always ready to support Reynders.” .

He continued: “I think it was Romelu’s best performance since I’ve been here. We tend to judge strikers based on whether they score goals, but he fought hard, caught the ball, and did everything I want to see from him.”

He stressed: “I want players who are open to different roles, and are not interested in specific positions. When I told El Shaarawy that I wanted him on the right side, his body language was immediately positive. I knew he would do well.”

He continued: “Confidence makes a big difference. You can only see it in the body language in training and on the field. Mentality, technique and tactics are all related to each other. I told the players that I trust them before this match.”

He stressed: “We had some matches where we were a little slow against Lecce, but we returned to passing well, and the approach against Lazio was the right approach. People also tend to think that the stronger the opponent is, the more difficult it is for you to see the ball, but In my opinion, it could be the opposite.”

He concluded: “There is still a return match next week, and I believe that the chances are equal with Milan in qualifying for the semi-finals, as qualification has not been decided yet.”

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