News of some Meta platforms being down in several regions around the world

Ibrahim Hassan

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 08:25 PM

Cairo News Channel reported in urgent news that some Meta platforms had crashed in several regions around the world.

Meta is actively engaging its developers in creating new features to enhance user interaction on its instant messaging platform, and while the platform currently allows users to communicate via personal chats, group chats, and status updates, WhatsApp is said to be developing a new feature that will allow users to interact by pointing. To their contacts specifically within their status updates, according to indiatoday.

According to WaBetaInfo, a well-known source for WhatsApp updates, WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will enable users to privately tag contacts in their status updates. This feature mirrors how Instagram users can tag their friends or other users in their Stories, and in WhatsApp. The feature will work similarly: when creating a status update, users will have the option to include a mention of specific contacts. These mentions will remain private, meaning they will not be visible to other viewers of the status. However, contacts who are tagged will receive a secret notification. , to alert them that they have been mentioned.

This new feature of the WhatsApp application is currently under development and is expected to further enhance user engagement, making WhatsApp statuses a more interactive space. Wabetainfo recently spotted this feature in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android version, and it is now said that WhatsApp is also bringing this feature to Its iOS app.

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