Noam Shortz signed a 5-year contract with Maccabi Tel Aviv

Jonathan Ginzburg
Noam Shortz (courtesy of the Maccabi Tel Aviv club)
Noam Shortz (courtesy of the Maccabi Tel Aviv club)

At the incoming national champion, Maccabi Tel Aviv, they are not wasting time and are already thinking ahead when today (Tuesday) they secured the future of another young talent in the youth department, after signing Noam Shortz to a five-year contract.

The Yellows saw potential and did not think twice when they signed Shortz (year 2006), who plays in the defender position and has already had time to train with the senior team, long-term, through his representative, Gilad Katsav, in the presence of Maccabi Tel Aviv people, including Gadi Bromer.

Shortz participated in 17 games last season and, in addition, made seven appearances in the Israel youth national team up to the age of 17, both in 2022 and in 2023. The defender closed his eighth season at the club, when he started playing football in the 2016/17 season in the uniform of the Maccabi Tel Aviv North team.

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