Public Prosecution: Arrest of a citizen who defrauded his victims by seizing their jewelry

The Financial Fraud Prosecution completed its investigations into a citizen who seized jewelry through financial fraud. Investigation procedures revealed that the accused communicated with jewelry stores through social media applications, to agree with them to purchase jewelry, sent him fake bank receipts, and sought the help of a number of delivery application representatives. To receive this jewelry and deliver it to unknown places, and the value of the jewelry seized as a result of the fraud amounted to (half a million Saudi riyals).

The Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of the accused and his referral to the competent court, to demand the penalties prescribed in accordance with the system for combating financial fraud and breach of trust.

The Public Prosecution affirms its commitment to protect society from the dangers of financial fraud, and to address sinful behavior that would lead to criminalizing and unlawfully seizing other people’s money, and that this entails severe criminal penalties.

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