Real Madrid refuses to have its players participate in the Paris Olympics sports

Spanish Real Madrid informed several national federations that it will not allow its players to participate in the football competition in the Olympic Games scheduled for this summer in Paris, according to what a source close to the file indicated, confirming information published by the French newspaper “L’Equipe”.

The source told Agence France-Presse, “Real sent a message to all federations, including the French Football Federation, to inform them that it will not allow its players to participate in the Olympics.”

This news is particularly bad for France, the host country, which was hoping to strengthen its ranks in the best possible way to try to win the gold medal, and its top priority is the star Kylian Mbappe, who is likely to move to Real Madrid from Saint-Germain after he announced his departure at the end of the season.

The “Roosters” captain had previously announced on several occasions that he dreams of competing in the Paris Olympics while taking advantage of the Olympic system, which allows each team to field 3 players who exceed the maximum age limit of 23 years.

However, since the football competition in the Olympic Games is not included in the FIFA calendar, clubs are not obligated to release their players.

French national team coach Didier Deschamps previously said that Mbappe’s participation in the Paris Olympics is “very difficult” given that he will be coming directly from participating with the “Roosters” in the European Cup finals hosted by Germany.

“It is very difficult, both psychologically and physically, to participate in two similar competitions in a row during the summer without taking any vacation,” Deschamps said Thursday.

The coach pointed out that some members of the team that will participate in the European Cup are candidates for the Olympic team that will be chosen by coach Thierry Henry.

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