Saarat Moshe Redman: Raised more than NIS 100,000 – where did the money go?

Moshe Redman (photo by Eyal Margolin Flash 90)

The huge protest against the legal reform put Moshe Redman, one of the prominent protest leaders, on the banner. After a protester was seriously injured during one of the protests against the legal reform, Redman decided to open a paybox and called on the crowds to get involved for that protester who needed medical assistance. The same event started 9 months ago and so far the known protest leader has managed to raise over 100 thousand shekels for the protester.

Yesterday (Thursday), a special article on the subject was broadcast on the “Main Edition” program on Channel 12, in which the protester raised several questions about Redman’s conduct: “You can no longer see who paid or who withdrew the money. People ask: ‘Did the money reach its destination?'” According to the publication of the main edition, tens of thousands of shekels of the money that Redman raised were transferred to the coffers of a private company that he owns.

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In the article for Channel 12, it was stated that the leader of the protest does not know the protester at all and did not ask her if she needed money. Apart from that, it was emphasized that he did not inform her that he opened a cash register and raised funds. The same protester who was interviewed by News 12 gave a different version of the story: “They bring me his phone number and he tells me: ‘I will make sure to transfer 15 thousand shekels to you.'”

According to her, she asked him to state that NIS 15,000 had been received and that the balance had nothing to do with her and was not her responsibility. According to the claims made in the “main edition”, it was noted that Redman promised that protester that the money would also be transferred to other injured people, but they did not receive financial assistance from the fund.

The protester, who recounted the conversation with Redman at the time, stated that the leader of the protest told her: “We also transferred to Jordan Man and we transferred to him with the eye.” According to an in-depth investigation and investigation by News 12, it was found that the pilot Udi Uri, who was nicknamed “the one with the eye”, did not receive money from the paybox. Regarding Jordan Man, who was indicted regarding the attack on minister Idit Silman, the leader of the protest donated NIS 1,000 from his personal account.

Following the publication, Redman said that “we said in advance that more money was raised and it will be raised for the next wounded. We paid some to professionals, some we transferred to her, basically for what she asked for.” According to him, the money did not go into his account, but into the Paybox account: “No one withdrew it from the Paybox”.

Redman also stated: “The money was intended to help a protester who was in distress. All funds were transferred or will be transferred for the benefit of protest matters. I am sorry that due to the fact that I refused to support that protester in a political race, an attempt at blackmailing a trend was sewn here.”

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