Sakhnin fans disrespected the national anthem

At the end of a tremendous drama, Hapoel Hadera rose above the red line after achieving a great victory for her this evening (Saturday) when she beat Bnei Sakhnin 0:1, which for her is still in fifth place, but has not yet secured her place in the top playoffs. Elad Madmon decided with a dramatic penalty in the 97th minute.

For the loser, the day does not end with the game. After rejecting an offer for him, Hassan Hilo insists on going to Japan and even sent an unequivocal message to the heads of the club. The Japanese increased the offer to one million shekels. Sakhnin is considering.

group bond, Menashe Zalka, said: “Av Terry, today is a wedding anniversary, a blessed week was made for us here, it comes to the audience and it comes to this club, we worked hard and it was sweet and I’m happy about it. Sakhnin fans want to curse, let them curse, but what happened here in the national anthem is a shame and they disgraced the national anthem, it is very infuriating, quite a few IDF soldiers are fighting now and many families are grieving, it is a shame, what they did is not interesting to me, I have the skin of an elephant , but I feel bad for other people.”

“I didn’t expect to get applause, it’s perfectly fine, what we did here for the fans and I is not the story. My dear wife is a caregiver and I am coming and the most important thing is to have a good week for the people of Israel. I will refer to the Hadera fans, I am proud to be the captain of this team and to belong to this amazing city, I have been here since I was a child and I know most of the fans, and I love them and want to thank them very much for the encouragement for me and for the whole team, much of this victory is due to them.”

The Hadera campaign – Bnei Sakhnin

Chaim Sylves: “There are no rules in football, we played very unwisely, especially in the first half, we didn’t react correctly to the red card. Second half we were better and controlled the ball and got into situations, we were a bit lucky, they missed a penalty and there was a miss, some of these journeys have to end in character and we didn’t give up, we made substitutions to find the way to the goal, we had misses, but that’s part of the game, at the end of The drama is in our favor.

“It is my honor to analyze things, I refer to my team, there is no team that needs points like Hapoel Hadera, we wanted it to be in a better way, but it went hard and we struggled against Sakhnin, in the end it is three points and we are satisfied.”

What happened with Zalka: “I was in Sakhnin and it was a good time, it was jarring to see that they didn’t respect the anthem, they don’t need to sing, but at least let him listen, there was defiance and I didn’t like it, but everyone will live their own life, we answered on the field and we leave happy , this is the best answer.

Haim Sylves (Roi Kfir)Haim Sylves (Roi Kfir)

“Mensha is the heart of Hadera, both in terms of feelings and in terms of experience, he symbolizes something in us at this time, and I am very happy with the atmosphere we have had since he returned and today we all celebrated the victory together in the dressing room after the game.”

The coach continued: “I didn’t feel that I was disrespected in the Maccabi Haifa game, I don’t have to fight about these things, I was busy with what happened at Sami Ofer and preparing the team for here, this game was a game of nerves and I needed peace of mind, I’m proud of the players who came after a week Not easy, they came here humble, in the end they are happy in the dressing room and I am proud of them”.

conqueror of the triumphal arch, Elad Madmon, He said: “Sweet goal, I’m happy that the crowd came and pushed us and I gave them a return, there’s no such fun to end a game like that. We’ll analyze what happened and come back next week, I’m happy that I’m doing well and I’m currently focused on Hapoel Hadera.” On Zalka: “I won’t really expand on the subject, I think it’s a shame for me, but karma happened.”

Elad Madmon (Shahar Gross)Elad Madmon (Shahar Gross)

the coach of the losing team, Slobodan Drapić, said:’: “We had a lot of losses, it’s cruel, but well done to the guys, playing with 10 players to face and miss opportunities, well done to them. It’s football, sometimes you score a goal and win and sometimes you lose, we still haven’t proven that we’re in the top playoffs, next week we’re against Bnei Rayna and we’ll prove it there.”

Regarding the possibility that they won’t be in the top playoffs because of the loss: “Everything is possible, I said even before the game that we still haven’t guaranteed and there is Hapoel Jerusalem and Bnei Rayna, we are there and we will have to deal with these things, a football team has to deal with it.”

Drapich continued: “There is the VAR and they have to decide, like they gave us a penalty and it may not, whoever has to criticize the referees will criticize them, we have to be focused and this season is fantastic for us and we have to continue and reach the top playoffs.

Slobodan Drapich (Roi Kfir)Slobodan Drapich (Roi Kfir)

“I don’t want to go into what happened with Menashe Zalka, I love him on a personal level, I don’t know what happened there, we move on. Will we be in the top playoffs? I hope, I think the whole season we are there, that was not the goal at the beginning of the season, but I hope so.”

Muhammad hired He said: “Football is cruel, sometimes you give the goal in the 90th minute and sometimes you concede, it shouldn’t happen, but I have no complaints against anyone, everyone did everything, although you shouldn’t concede, but it happened and we’re thinking about the next game, we’ll take the points And we will be in the top playoffs.

“There is a referee and he is the one who decides, there is VAR and if they made such a decision then there would be a penalty, we will deal with it next week and not that, tomorrow we will do a good training, next week against Bnei Rayna that is the game. What do Sakhnin fans have to do with Zalka? I don’t know, you have to ask them.”

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