Shukri Sarhan, “Zamalek’s biggest fan” in the artistic community, on his birthday

Today is the birthday of the late artist Shukri Sarhan, who presented many successful artistic works throughout his artistic career in cinema. Shukri Sarhan is linked to a great love story for the club. ZamalekHe was unable to control his nerves and could not stand in front of the camera on the day of the white team’s match.

Shukri Sarhan made a historic statement describing his love for the White Castle, saying, “No one stays in my house, not Zamalek.” He united the late artist Shadia with a funny situation with the artist Shukri Sarhan. One day during the filming of the movie The Fugitive in 1958, an argument occurred between them because of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and they did not… There was no means of transmitting and following the matches other than the radio, which was the only thing that would broadcast the Egyptian El Clásico match.

At the start of the match, Shadia and Shukri Sarhan left the filming site and sat around the radio listening to the match, and each of them began to encourage his club with warmth and enthusiasm that almost amounted to a quarrel, but the director quickly intervened to end the quarrel before it broke out and ordered them to film.

The duo returned to the filming location and presented a wonderful love scene in front of the camera, until the director said the word “Goooooool” instead of “Stop.”

The late artist Shukri Sarhan appeared on the “This Evening” program with Samir Sabry, during which he talked about his intense love for Zamalek, and that he does not allow anyone in his family to support any other team, but at the same time he believes that the presence of Zamalek and Al-Ahly has added value and enthusiasm to football in Egypt.

The late sports commentator Mohamed Latif joined the meeting and talked about his history as a former player in Zamalek. He also formed a team of artists, and played a penalty kick match against Shukri Sarhan.

Shukri Sarhan appeared for the first time on the cinema screen in 1945 in the movie “Heaven and Hell,” then in 1948 in the movie “Nadia.” In 1949, director Hussein Fawzi nominated him to participate with the artist Naima Akef in the movie “La Halibo.”

The real breakthrough in his artistic career came after the international director Youssef Chahine chose him to participate in the film “Son of the Nile” in 1951. His artistic credit reached about 150 films, the most prominent of which are: “A Woman’s Youth,” “The Dead End,” “The Second Wife,” “The Rose of My Heart,” “I Am Free,” “The Unknown Woman,” and “The Thief.” And dogs.”

During his artistic career, Shukri Sarhan won many awards, as he won the “Best Actor” award for films such as: “Youth of a Woman,” “The Thief and the Dogs,” “The Second Wife,” “Al-Nadhaha,” “The Night of Fatima’s Arrest,” and “Qais and Laila.”

He received the Order of the Republic from the late President Abdel Nasser for his role in the film “Return My Heart” in 1957, in addition to being honored at the Cairo International Film Festival for his entire career in the context of the centenary of Egyptian cinema.

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