Somaya Al-Khashab is seriously injured…and the reason is Ramez Jalal’s prank?

Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab suffered a severe injury, torn ligaments in her foot and shoulder, while filming Ramez Jalal’s prank, which will be shown during Ramadan 2024.

Doctors advised the star to undergo more than 21 days of rest, while committing to physical therapy sessions on the foot and shoulder in particular, as she faces many difficult challenges while filming her scenes in the series “Ghalia Bi 100 Ragel,” in which she competes within the Egyptian series season for Ramadan 2024.

It should be noted that Somaya Al-Khashab’s injury worsened after she refused to adhere to the instructions of the treating medical team to get complete rest. Her difficulty was increased by Somaya’s recent filming of a difficult scene that caused her injury to renew again, and the conditions of filming forced her to complete it due to her commitment and the outcome of the work to conclude Nashat’s specific deadlines for delivering the episodes to the contracted satellite stations. On his offer.

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