Stefan Leger was amazing: “I am the father of a 7-year-old boy”

The singer Stefan Lagaber surprised the man tonight (night) and reveals in a post that he is the father of a 7-year-old boy. “Okay… I don’t really know where to start,” he wrote, “so I’ll start by saying that as you all probably know me, so you know that you The most precious things to me are always important to me to keep close to me in a safe place, and away from this noise called ‘net’, which not everyone knows how to contain it as I know.

Stephen Leger, Photo: Yossi Zeliger

“‘But there are situations where at some point there is no way and you have to run away from it, and in the end you discover good things. So even if it’s strange to me, so here, I reveal to you that my Chris, you are 7 years old today, when my father was trying to explain to me what this responsibility is.’ .

Stephane Leger’s post, Photography: None

Leger continued and wrote: “In this crazy world, ‘as much as you love, are loved, are talented, are smart, understand deeply and accept our situation, you know that it is important to me that you have a quiet and normal childhood, as it was before all this, and that you do what you love like any normal child “.

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