Tamir Steinman: “It was shocking and I’m trapped in the middle, trying to breathe”

“Seven months since Black Sabbath and on the 76th Independence Day, our State of Israel is at its most difficult moment since the establishment of the State. We are the traces left in the sand after the storm hit the shore. We were murdered, raped and kidnapped, we were abandoned to our fate, we fell into the abyss, we were crushed to the floor by force along with The flag that was stained with blood. One day we will rise again against the wind. We must not give up the hope that it will be better. Let us be a light for ourselves, this year is a call for independence , a call to sobriety, to awakening. If we don’t understand that we must live together, we won’t live here at all. Our strength is not in tanks and airplanes, but in the spirit of unity of those who fight together.”

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Steinman revealed what happened to him minutes before he went on stage: “The cameras were turned on and the big stage was waiting for our arrival. I made my way backstage to the appointed entrance. I stood alone in a fancy suit, looking proudly at the chosen presenters – and then it hit. The screams of the families of the kidnapped who demonstrated at the entrance to Mt. Herzl, 200 meters from me. Screaming, begging for their loved ones to be rescued. Some of them were close friends, some of them were unbearable, a struggle between despair and hope. I rushed back to the room , I didn’t know who and how I would get out of it again, one of the production people came in to try to calm down.”

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