Tarek El-Shenawy mourns Jamil Barsoum: This talented man left a distinguished dramatic legacy

Critic Tariq El-Shenawy mourned the artist Beautiful Barsoum He passed away on Monday morning, via his Facebook account.

Tarek El-Shenawy wrote: “The beautiful artist has passed away Beautiful Barsoum This talented person left behind a distinguished dramatic asset that was able, through those small spaces that were available to him, to shine and announce himself. Farewell to the great artist whom I had never met except only through the screen, but because of his credibility, as if I really knew him intimately.”

Tarek El-Shenawy

Tarek El-Shenawy

Father Boutros Daniel revealed the location of the funeral of the artist Jamil Barsoum, who died after honoring him at the Catholic Center Festival. He will pray over the body this afternoon at St. George’s Church in Damanhour, and the funeral date and location in Cairo have not been determined..

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