The 2024 Jerusalem Marathon starts tomorrow – changes in the traffic arrangements and everything you need to know

The Israel Police has completed its preparations for the Jerusalem Marathon that will take place tomorrow (Friday) under the title “Am Israel Runs”, and will salute the security forces. The marathon will start at 06:45 and will last until around 14:00. Thousands of participants in various fields are expected to take part in it.

Starting in the morning, hundreds of policemen, security guards, volunteers and orderlies will be deployed along and near the roads. The policemen will work to secure the runners and participants, maintain public order, direct the traffic before, during and at the end of the marathon, while minimizing the damage to the routine of life in the city as much as possible. The traffic policemen They will direct the movement of the vehicles to alternative routes, they will supervise proper and safe traffic management in and near the marathon areas.

Starting this morning, hundreds of policemen, security guards, volunteers and orderlies will be deployed along and near the roads, Photo: Police spokeswoman

Changes are expected in the traffic arrangements in the area. The police said that Rupin Street will be closed to vehicle traffic starting this evening at 11:30 PM until Friday after the event. Tomorrow (Friday) the following streets or some of them will be closed to vehicular traffic starting at 05:30: The Hebrew University Campus, Nathaniel Lorch, Haim Hazaz Ave., Tschernihovski, Palmach, Gaza, Hanasi, Keren Hayesod, King George, Jaffa St., IDF Square, Paratroopers, Haim Bar Lev St., George Adam Smith, Lehi, Martin Buber, Benjamin Mazar, Churchill, Karib, Shaar Jaffa, Armenian Patriarchate, Shaar Zion , the Jerusalem Division, King David, Jabotinsky, Chopin, Dubnov, Gertz, Emek Rafaim, the railway road, Bethlehem road, David Ramez, Hebron road, Yanovsky, Yehuda, Pierre Koenig, Eleazar Al-Modai, Katmon conquerors, Yehoshua Yavin, Gan Soccer.

Many streets will be closed to vehicle traffic starting at 05:30,

Also, Sderot Rupin, Rabin and Ben Zvi will be blocked starting at 04:00. The full details of the changes can be found on the website of the Jerusalem Municipality. In addition, traffic disruptions are also expected on the streets adjacent to the race tracks. The opening of the roads will be carried out in a phased manner according to the progress of the runners, and the movement of vehicles will not be allowed at the same time as the running routes.

Main roads that will remain open to traffic: North – Uzi Narkis Boulevard, Route 9, Golda Meir Boulevard, Eshkol Boulevard. Center – Route 16, entrance to the city, Sderot Herzl, Begin South/North Ave., Bar Ilan Junction, Yeremiahu. South – Derech Dov Yosef, Zir Golomb, Zir Ein Kerem, Givat Mashua to Ora. Traffic arrangements for residents of the Mount of Olives: Mount of Olives – Jericho Road, Wadi Jose, French Hill. For those going back – it will be possible to travel on the same axis.

They will maintain public order. Policemen at the previous Jerusalem Marathon, Photo: Police spokeswoman

During the event, the public is requested to avoid traveling in private vehicles unnecessarily in the area of ​​the running route and to use public transportation as much as possible. It was also reported that on the day of the marathon, vehicles parked along the axes of the running routes will not be able to leave them until the end of the event and the opening of the axes. Parking will be prohibited on Yehuda Street on both sides starting this evening at 20:00 until the end of the marathon tomorrow. The public is asked not to park their private vehicles in these areas. Vehicles parked in prohibited parking places will be towed.

For the benefit of runners and on the marathon island, the Teddy Stadium parking lot will be allocated free of charge. The set of shuttles (free of charge) to and fro will leave from the east grandstand plaza at Teddy Stadium to Hanasi 6th Street, between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. The marathon participants are asked to arrive early to the event. It will not be allowed to bring weapons into the marathon complex. In addition, it is emphasized that there is an absolute ban on flying drones or civilian aircraft during the marathon.

Vehicles parked along the axes of the running routes will not be able to leave them until the end of the event and the opening of the axes, Photo: Police spokeswoman

The police information center, Moked 110, is available to the public for current information and details about the traffic regulations in the marathon. Any unusual incident that requires police attention must be reported immediately to the police’s hotline 100. The Israel Police will update in real time through the media about the closing and opening of the traffic lanes.

It is recommended to use the navigation apps that will be updated on the blocked roads. The police call on the residents of the city and those who come through its gates to be patient due to the expected changes in the traffic arrangements during the day of the marathon, and to obey the instructions of the police officers in the field.

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