The Assassins series, Episode 1, reviews Hassan Al-Sabah’s childhood until he learned the Noorani letters

The first episode of The Assassins series Saw a childhood parade Good morningThis was after the envoy of the King of France returned to the latter and told him about what he saw with his own eyes of the extreme obedience of Hassan al-Sabah’s followers to him, to the point where one of them threw himself over the wall just because Hassan al-Sabah asked him to do so.

Then the king told someone from the audience that he knew Hassan Al-Sabah well, and that he was an exceptional personality. The work showed Al-Sabah’s childhood and how he was extremely brilliant and possessed great insight in knowing what no one else knew, which made the children afraid of him. Aida Fahmy also told Al-Sabah’s father about the necessity of introducing the son. With the Noorani letters and to learn them and understand them well, even though he is young, he is very aware and older than his age.

Hassan Al-Sabah in his childhood
Hassan Al-Sabah in his childhood

As soon as Hassan Al-Sabah went outside, he found the children chasing him until he fell into a well. Then a woman from another world came to his rescue, throwing him a rope and telling him to choose to live in darkness over light for the rest of his life and to never fear death.

Show dates for the series The Assassins

exposure The Assassins series, episode 1Championship Star Karim Abdel Aziz At 9:15 pm exclusively on screen dmcin conjunction with its display on the platform watch itThe episode will be shown again at 1:45 am and 4:15 pm.

The theme of the Assassin series

The Assassins series A historical series whose events take place in the eleventh century, in northern Persia, where Hassan al-Sabah founded a group of the most loyal to the Ismaili faith and called it “the Fedayeen”… men who did not care about death in order to achieve their goal, as these Fedayeen struck fear into the hearts of hostile rulers and princes. They were able to assassinate many very important figures.

The series “The Assassins” starring Karim AbdulazizFathi Abdel Wahab, Nicholas Moawad, Mirna Nour El-Din, Ahmed Eid, Islam Gamal, Mohamed Radwan, Sami Al-Sheikh, Omar El-Shenawy, Nour Ihab, Suzan Najm El-Din, Yasser Ali Maher, Basant Abu Pasha and a large number of artists and guests of honor, which is Written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.

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