The biggest fraud in modern football involves a former Barcelona player and his twin brother sports


The Romanian Football League witnessed a strange and unique fraud incident involving a former Barcelona player and his twin brother.

The incident began when Edgar Iyi (30 years old), a former Guinea-Bissau and FC Barcelona player, signed for the Romanian team Dinamo Bucharest, during the last winter transfer period, and he recently discovered that the one playing in their ranks was his twin brother Edelino, not Iyi.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that the fraud incident threatens to deduct points from Dynamo Bucharest, which is already fighting relegation, because if the club is convicted, the 8 points it obtained in the last 5 matches in which Edelino participated in the name of his brother, Edgar Iy, will be deducted.

The club is trying to clear itself by confirming that it signed Edgar Iyi and did not know anything about his twin, who impersonated him.

Although Edgar Iyi and his brother Edelino were born together on May 1, 1994, and are very similar even in physical structure and height, the player’s lack of proficiency in the English language, and his speaking only Portuguese even though he played in Spain, France, the Netherlands and Turkey, are in addition to his modesty. His technical level raised doubts from the Dynamo Bucharest management, which asked the player for a driver’s license, but he refused, confirming doubts about his character, according to what Romanian journalist Emmanuel Russo said.

Edgar Iyi played for the Portuguese youth and youth teams when he played for the Portuguese team Sporting Lisbon, then he preferred to represent the first team of Guinea Bissau, and played for the second team Barcelona in 2012. He also participated with the first team when it was led by the Spanish coach Luis Enrique, until 2015, after which he moved to several Teams, most notably Villarreal of Spain and Lille of France.

His twin, Edelino, was less fortunate in football because he did not have his brother’s talent. He played for a short period for Sporting Lisbon, after which he moved to obscure teams until he resorted to the latest idea of ​​fraud.

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