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Tensions between the political echelon and the IDF. Chief of Staff Hertzi Halevi claimed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in one of the recent cabinet discussions: “We are now operating once again in Jabalia. As long as there is no political move that will grow a non-Hamas governing body in the Strip, we will have to act again and again there and in other places to dismantle the Hamas infrastructure. It will be a major effort.”

According to the publication of Moriah Asraf Walberg, senior members of the IDF urge the political level and especially the prime minister to make decisions on the management of the places occupied by the IDF, what is known as “the day after”. According to them, failure to make decisions on the issue endangers the lives of fighters who are forced to operate repeatedly in the same places.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that as long as the fighting in Gaza continues, it is not possible to establish an orderly military government in the Strip. Also, it is possible that the area was occupied and abandoned once again, with the intention that the terrorists would return and re-emerge on the surface of the land, as happened in Shifa’.

The blogger Abu Ali Express on Telegram points out that it should be noted that even today that IDF forces are operating again in the Jabaliya area, it is not about new terrorists imported from outside the Strip. According to him, Gaza is a “closed bathtub”, there is no going out and no coming in, so even if you see places that the IDF captured and left and is again forced to operate in again, this is not a complete failure, but this is how more and more Hamas terrorists are eliminated.

He mentions that thousands of Hamas terrorists who were eliminated since the beginning of the war did not suddenly return to life, and there is probably no other way to kill more and more of them. And therefore there may be room to wait with the discussion about the day after in the Gaza Strip.

We will add to this what we published in the past about the IDF’s attempts to manage the introduction of aid by security personnel from the Palestinian Authority, an attempt that completely failed after Hamas caught some of them and killed them.

Yaron Avraham announced this evening that in a cabinet discussion, the head of the Shin Bet revealed that he is holding strategic discussions with the defense minister without the presence of the prime minister and the other members of the cabinet.

In response, Netanyahu said to him: What?! Are you holding strategic discussions with the Minister of Defense?

Head of the Shin Bet: What question? for sure.

Netanyahu: As far as I remember the Shin Bet and the Mossad are subordinate to the Prime Minister.

Gallant: Are you forbidding the defense minister to hold strategic discussions? Who will maintain them exactly if not us?

Netanyahu: Strategic discussions only take place here.

Gallant: Every time you hold strategic discussions we will arrive prepared, it is my duty to hold discussions in order to come here prepared. The problem is that you don’t hold such discussions.

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