The crowd cursed, Zalka celebrated with the Israeli flag

Shameful events during Hapoel Hadera’s 0:1 victory over Bnei Sakhnin. During the second half, Menashe Zalka came on as a substitute and received harsh curses from some Sakhnin fans, including boos for every touch of the ball. Hadera’s captain chose to answer them at the end and celebrated with the Israeli flag.

Even before the game, some Bnei Sakhnin fans continued to cheer during the singing of the national anthem. Following this, one of the Hapoel Hadera fans threw a glass at the stands housing the opponent’s fans, and here the spirits heated up.

Objects were thrown from the two stands to each other, with the sides even trying to reach each other. Sakhnin management arrived in the area to calm the spirits and there is a lot of security separating the parties. Later, a Hapoel Hadera fan was detained by the police.

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