The exciting task has been completed: all the children of the special education kindergartens in Ashdod will receive a delivery of meals for Purim

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The exciting operation that has become a tradition was initiated and led by the activist Nathalie Biton Moyal, one of the Ashdod Net’s beautiful Ashdod sign selections. This year she dedicated the activity to Eliad Ohion the 14th who was murdered on October 7th: “I always think of giving up, but every time you surprise me anew.” Natalie’s moving thank you post (we were not touched)

Distribute the ration deliveries to the gardens.  Photo from Natalie's Facebook page

“More than 1,100 package deliveries were purchased for 55 special education kindergartens, for a rehabilitation center and for 5 schools in Ashdod.

Always before fundraising on Hanukkah and Purim for the delivery of meals, I say to myself – “This year I won’t do it, they probably won’t donate”. But the desire to be happy never leaves me and I find it hard to give up. Then I start picking up and you guys surprise me again and again.

I personally addressed and thanked all the donors because thanks to them this would not have happened.

It’s not me, it’s you!

I am even more moved that 360 cases were purchased from “Small steps” – an association that supports children with Duchenne disease, 210 cases were purchased from Goniim School, a special school whose money goes to the well-being of the students. And the rest of the boxes were purchased from Nitzan Batito, the owner of the sweet neighbor, a man of the highest order who helps me with every project with love and great giving.

I would like to thank my dear brother Yoni Biton who took care of the stickers that were pasted on all the cases in honor of Eliad Ohion the 14th who was murdered on 7/10.

A word about Eliad even though it’s not enough, an angel who gave his whole life for children with special needs. An angel harvested with the blood of his days and we have the burden of the task of perpetuating this high soul!

I would like to thank Yair Shalom and Omer Moulai who took care of closing the fundraiser for me and removed the worry from my heart that all the children would receive the ration deliveries. I want to thank Elisheva Belker who takes care and does manual labor behind the scenes.

I want to thank my dear husband Danny Moyal who is my backbone in every situation! And I repeat and say thank you to all the donors without whose contribution I would not have been able to do this.

Since we are talking about a lot of package deliveries, in the meantime I distributed to 3 schools and later this week we will distribute to everyone.


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