The Greg network launched a dish in memory of the late observer Roni Eshel

In a post published on social media on the commemorative page of The late observer Roni Eshel, who was killed in the battles on October 7 at the outpost in Nahal Oz in the Gaza Strip, her parents, Eyal and Sharon Eshel, shared their daughter’s love for cooking and culinary arts. As part of the post, the family uploaded photos and recipes of Roni’s favorite dish that she used to make at home: brioche challah with a wild egg and toppings.

Executives of the Greg Cafe chain who came across the post chose to commemorate the late Roni Eshel and added the sandwich to the chain’s new menu for the summer of 2024 with a special dish that will be served on the menu, under the name: Ronnie’s sandwich.

The late observer Roni Eshel, who served at the Nahal Oz outpost, lost contact with her family for over a month, which led her family members to believe that she had been kidnapped to Gaza. After about a month of uncertainty about her condition, the body of the late Roni, who served in the 414th Observer Battalion, was identified.

Rival Ganesha, The manager of the Greg Cafe chain invited the late Roni’s parents, Eyal and Sharon, to the Greg branch in Kfar Saba to be the first to taste “Roni’s sandwich” which will be added to the new menu this week. The meeting between Greg’s management and the family included the presentation of the dish Sharon This is how she liked to prepare every Saturday morning: a sandwich consisting of 2 slices of buttery brioche challah fried generously in olive oil, spread with a layer of cream cheese, thin slices of tomato, slices of avocado and an egg fried in butter.

Greg’s management informed the family that the sandwich will be served as a special dish from March 17 to May 30, in all chain branches nationwide. Along with the dish ‘Roni’s sandwich’, the story of her fall will also appear on the menu.

Ganesha: “We came across a moving post about the late Roni Eshel, about her love and passion for food, and I felt it was our obligation to find creative ways to continue the path of those who are no more.”

The late Roni’s father, Eyal Eshel:” We are so moved by the extraordinary gesture of Cafe Greg. Our Roni loved to cook and bake, and for us, a dish named after her that will be served in a respected chain like Greg, which has over 100 branches throughout the country, is another creative way to commemorate her. We are happy that her commemoration will be a part from people’s happy pastime”.

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