The kidnapping audition, which was not broadcast, saved “MasterChef” from tragedy

Four comments on the premiere episode of “MasterChef”, which solemnly launched its 94th season last night (more or less, but who’s counting):

1. Prompted by a show that has been on television since 2010, “MasterChef” feels obligated to reinvent itself every season. “This year there will be unexpected things,” Haim Cohen announced at the opening to the participants of the auditions, who were split into two groups and will compete head to head for receiving the apron from the judges. But the most expected is that despite the cosmetic changes, the raw materials of the program remained exactly as before – more of the same. “Master Chef” long ago cracked the ideal recipe for the Israeli palate, so it has no interest in making drastic changes to the stale dish it feeds the Israeli audience year after year. The Israelis, hungry or not, will continue to swallow it with pleasure, until we all suffocate.

2. For the first time, we are expecting a season without Michal Ansky, who in the last decade functioned as a balancing factor of female energies within a male cadre of judges. Ansky knew how to tear up when needed, embrace emotion and give the program subtle emotions. Without her, we got Eyal Shani getting overly excited about a Moroccan stew, and Ruthie Brodo trying to be tougher than the men next to her. Judges with the taste of the past.

Master Chef. The Israelis will continue to swallow, Photo: screenshot

3. Clichés that exist in every food reality show, and that were on “Master Chef” yesterday: a Moroccan grandmother cheers with a heavy accent and makes “Kulululu” while her granddaughter cooks; Hightist who wants a career as a cook; A released prisoner who, in order to complete rehabilitation, must pass an audition stage.

Master Chef. The chapter was dedicated to fellow Esther Buskila, Photo: screenshot

4. At the end of the episode, a chilling subtitle appeared on the screen, which said that the episode was dedicated to Amit Esther Buskila, who auditioned for the show before being kidnapped to Gaza from the “Nova” party. “We are waiting for you and everyone at home,” it said. The audition with her participation will not be broadcast, because her family demanded that her performances be deleted from the season (filmed last year), due to the mental difficulty of dealing with the broadcast while her fate is unknown.

According to the reports, Buskila advanced to the advanced stages of the competition, and could have been the star of the season. The decision to delete her from the program prevented the possibility of someone exploiting this tragedy for commercial purposes. As in the case of the late Shaoli Gringlick, who auditioned for the “next star” before being killed in Gaza, sometimes the difference between respect and commemoration and the commercialization of bereavement and war can be blurred.

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