The President of the State congratulates on the occasion of Women’s Day: “The war proved – Israeli heroines are everywhere”

On the occasion of Women’s Day, President Yitzhak Herzog in a special column:

This year’s Women’s Day is an opportunity for a statement that must be said not only on International Women’s Day, but every day of the year: women must, simply must, be and influence at all decision-making nodes. It has to be a national goal for us. The war proved – the Israeli heroines – are everywhere!

This is an opportunity to thank them; Thank you for that – from the tank headquarters, squadrons and fighters in the field. Thank you for that – the commanders, fighters and soldiers in the various units in the IDF, regular and reserve
and in the security, emergency and rescue forces, the volunteers in the army, the Rabbis and the heroes in the field.

Soldiers of Team Gaon, which consists of female Sky Rider warriors, Photography: None

Thank you for that – the heroines who have returned from the captivity of Hamas who are leading the fight for the release of the abductees, and are shouting the cry of those who have not yet returned home. Thank you for that – the women who struggle to make the voice of those whose bodies were mutilated by man-monsters, and to represent in the world the righteousness of our way.

Thank you for that – the women who have been anxious and praying for many months, for those who are on the front lines, and therefore the women who have lost the most precious of all to their hearts.

And so, yes yes – that’s why – the wives of the fighters – regularly and especially in the reserves – the lionesses on the home front who hold the house and the family, which the fighters tell me all the time – “they are the real heroes”.

As the President of the State of Israel, I would like to salute all of you, and say to you, to all of you, thank you!

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