The price of a gram of gold now in the markets is 2,970 pounds

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Friday, March 15, 2024 01:36 PM

We publish gold prices In Egypt, today, Friday, March 15, 2024, with the return of the rise in gold in the Egyptian market, at about 20 pounds per gram.

Gold prices now

24 karat records 3394 pounds

21 caliber costs 2970 pounds.

An 18 karat carat costs 2546 pounds.

14 karat weighs 1947 pounds.

The gold pound is 23,760 pounds.

Global gold

The price per ounce is back Global gold To rise during today’s session, Friday, after the decline recorded yesterday due to US inflation data that may affect the Federal Reserve’s decision during the next week, so that the fluctuation in gold’s performance continues on its way to recording a weekly decline.

The spot gold price rose today by 0.3% to reach the highest level at $2170 per ounce. It opened today’s session at $2162 per ounce and is currently trading at $2168 per ounce.

Yesterday, gold fell by 0.6% and recorded the lowest level at $2,152 per ounce before bouncing up and closing at the $2,162 level. Gold is heading to record a weekly decline of 0.5% so far, which is the first weekly decline after three consecutive weeks of gains, according to Gold Billion analysis.

Gold’s decline yesterday came after the Producer Price Index data showed a rise in inflation from the perspective of companies and manufacturers during the month of February by 0.6% from 0.3%, which reduced the chances of gold recording a further rise and failing to exceed the level of $2,180 per ounce.

This week both US consumer and producer prices rose more than expected in February, and consumer spending also showed some stability.

Higher inflation adds pressure on the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates high, affecting non-yielding assets such as gold, increasing the attractiveness of bonds and lifting the dollar.

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