The rumors about his suicide turned out to be false: the truth about Dani Alves’ condition

During the hours of the passing night (between Saturday and Sunday) the fake news about the death of the star of Barcelona and the former Brazil national team, Dani Alves, who about three weeks ago was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison in Barcelona for sexual assault, ran wild on social networks. In practice, the 40-year-old shield is still between the lives and between the walls of the prison, and did not commit suicide as written.

“Neymar won’t let that happen, he’s keeping him,” the stings on the X network began to run, partly to mention that Alves received financial and legal assistance from his former friend in Barcelona and the Brazilian national team. “God also protects him and his family – Dani Alves is alive,” added the few fans of the imprisoned actor.

Others started joking: “This rumor was spread by the team playing against him in the semifinals of the prison championship,” and some added: “This is his chance to cover his debts – he should sue the journalist who spread the fake about his death.”

They also laughed on social media: “They say Danny Alves is dead, but he must be celebrating in the showers with the other prisoners,” and it doesn’t end there. “Maybe this is Dani Alves’ way of reminding everyone that he still exists,” wrote another surfer. The Israeli surfers also joined in the celebration and explained his “death”: “He committed suicide after seeing Hapoel Tel Aviv play” or “It seems that in prison he was exposed to the broadcasts of the Balkan League.”

There were also those who distanced themselves from the sport and wrote: “Amit Segal: A note was found in Dani Alves’ cell in which he says that he committed suicide because of Kaplan’s protest.” There was also someone who went as far and changed the Hebrew Wikipedia entry of the Brazilian and claimed: “He worked as a dishwasher in her room, this is a good reason to commit suicide.”


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