The secret is sugar and dinner.. Nancy Ajram reveals the reason for her fitness

The Lebanese artist revealed Nancy Ajram About her weight, during the “Big Time Podcast” program, with the journalist Amr Adib, indicating that it is 50 kilograms.
Nancy explained that she eats normal food and does not follow a specific diet, indicating that she likes to eat and taste all kinds in moderation.

Nancy Ajram’s fitness secret

She said Nancy Ajram says she does not like sugar or sweets very much, attributing this to her lack of preference for them in general, so she does not eat them a lot.
She said: “The issue of sugar doesn’t bother me. I don’t eat sweets a lot because they don’t come to my mind,” noting that she eats Kunafa once a year.
She also explained that she does not eat dinner often, except in simple cases such as evening days or when she is in a restaurant.

Nancy after 40

Nancy said that she believes that all the years before forty are preparation for this age and above, indicating that after forty, she began to love the way she thinks more and approaches life and her aspirations.

Nancy Ajram said that she does not prefer sugar or sweets, so she does not eat them often

She explained that she does not focus on calculating her age, and that she lives life as it is, with all its circumstances, tests, beauty, and sweet and difficult days, as all of that is a combination that makes a person.
She confirmed that she feels a “sweet” change inside and out with the change in age, noting the importance of paying attention to a healthy lifestyle in general, including healthy eating and exercise.

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