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During the night (Tuesday) the IDF attacked and killed the terrorist using an Air Force aircraft, in the Tsur area Hossein Ibrahim Mechi, a senior field commander on the southern front of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, who was responsible for planning and executing many terrorist plots towards the Israeli rear during the fighting. A resident of Miron, Yosef Haim Bolton He tells “Maariv” about his feelings regarding the heavy barrage that came today after last night’s elimination.

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“There were two heavy volleys. Beyond my house I see fire and smoke on Mount Meron as a result of the rocket fire. It is very close to my house. Not pleasant, but we are here. There are seven small shelters in Miron that do not provide protection and cater to the 600 residents of the settlement during a deterrent. Beyond that, the shelters were built a long time ago, in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, they are not in good condition,” informs Haim Bolton.

Hizballah senior official Hossein Ibrahim Makhi (Photo: Arab Networks)
Hizballah senior official Hossein Ibrahim Makhi (Photo: Arab Networks)

“In the settlement itself there are only about 20-30 new houses, and the rest are old houses without air conditioners. 70 percent of the residents do not have air conditioners in their homes, and their only option for protection is only remote shelters, which are not even enough to reach. There are some “They rented houses here and they don’t have MDMs in the houses, so they left the settlement. From a military and political point of view, there is greater lawlessness than ever before. Hezbollah’s attacks on us are part of the cowardice of the State of Israel and our desire to look good in the eyes of the world,” he adds.

The researcher talks about the possibility of bringing calm in the north Tal Barry, from the “Alma” research institute for Israel’s security challenges in the north and says: “First of all, Hezbollah’s capabilities and competence must be damaged – which is not currently happening factually on the ground. At the same time, in order for the residents to be able to return to their homes, the preparations on the northern border must be changed in terms of the protection of the settlements – and also in terms of shielding. As long as we don’t change the way we operate – we will remain in the current state of stagnation.’

“The main effort on which the IDF’s operations must be concentrated is damage to Hezbollah’s main fire systems – the UAVs, the fire, the rockets and the anti-tank missiles. The weapons warehouses, the supply chain, the launch and observation posts of the terrorist organization must be hit in a horizontal and massive way – in order to damage in an infrastructural way,” he adds.

Barry criticizes the assassination of a senior Hezbollah official and claims that “the assassination of commanders is an important and necessary action – but they cannot be considered a major effort of the IDF in fighting against Hezbollah – but only a supporting effort.”

Regarding the nature of the IDF’s operation, he believes that there are some improvements that must be made. “The IDF must improve its ability to more effectively communicate its successes in the fight against Hezbollah. Today, the IDF uses a general, patterned and inaccurate description of the army’s operations against the terrorist organization.”

“Describing the operations accurately – and not through slogans – will help strengthen public trust in the army and its activities. In this way, the residents of Israel, especially in the north, will know what capabilities of Hezbollah the army is neutralizing – and this will create a certain certainty for them. This is another layer of psychology and consciousness that will contribute to the return of the residents to the region, and will be a pillar Added to the efforts to restore the feeling of security.”

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