The separation of “Jennifer Lopez” and Ben Affleck after two years of marriage… the reason for the ongoing disputes – Art

A number of reports published by a large number of international newspapers reported the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, after a period of marriage that lasted two full years.

Reason behind Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s breakup

It was also reported that this was the reason for the duo’s separation Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck, due to their ongoing disagreement in the recent period, due to the responsibilities that fall on them due to work and the responsibility of their children from their previous marriages, which led to great tension in the relationship between them.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate their wedding anniversary

Recently, the couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck topped the search trends on Google after celebrating their second wedding anniversary, as the duo decided to change their name after the marriage contract, and Jennifer Lopez’s new name after marriage became “Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” while the husband’s name became Benjamin Giza Affleck.

At the time, Lopez posted pictures of their wedding on her official Instagram page, commenting: “Love is patient,” while Affleck posted, on his account on the Instagram video and photo sharing site, a group of pictures from the wedding and commented on them, saying: “John Affleck and Jennifer are officially married.”

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