“There has not been anything like this since Avraham our father”: a first son was born to the 88-year-old rabbi

The ultra-orthodox world is in turmoil this morning (Sunday). The reason is not the conscription law or the elections in Beit Shemesh, but rather a particularly happy and rare event, which some are already defining in a recommendation as one that has not occurred since the days of Avraham Avino.

After decades of anticipation, when he is no less than 88 years old, Rabbi Zvi Koshlevsky, head of Yeshiva Hichal Torah in Jerusalem, had his first son. The baby was born in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, healthy and intact.

Rabbi Koshlevsky was widowed several years ago, and remarried in 2018 to his current wife, who is now 56 years old. His wedding, by the way, was held on Tu Bab in the Beit Midrash hall of his yeshiva, without music and attended by only one hundred people – only a week after the match was closed.

After it became clear that the birth was safe, and that the head of the yeshiva became a new father at an especially old age, his yeshiva began to celebrate the good news. Menachem Kuldetzky of the “Ham’ahd” website documented how the students danced outside the yeshiva building in Mount Nof.

In the ultra-orthodox press, they were especially enthusiastic about the news. Moshe Weisberg from the website “Ba Hadari Haredim” pointed out that this is an extreme age, and added that “some will say that since the time of Abraham our father who was blessed with Isaac our father at the age of 100 there has not been such a historic birth”. When the Rosh Yeshiva’s eldest son reaches his Bar Mitzvah, he added, Rabbi Koshlevsky will be 101 years old.

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