These are the most prominent Ramadan 2024 series

Comedy series for the Ramadan 2024 season face unique challenges, as the Egyptian and Arab reality reflects features of melodrama that make it difficult to put a smile on the faces of viewers. Although some works overlap with social reality, many of them appear completely separate from reality, as their events take place in fantasy worlds.

Mekki and Hosni:

Makki did not achieve similar success with his series “Khalasana Bishaka” in 2017, but in Part 7 of “The Great Away” he was able to regain his position, and he aspires to maintain it in Part 8 as well, so his determination came to retain all the elements of previous success, especially Mohamed Salam and Bayoumi Fouad. Which are difficult to combine in one work.

From his presence as a guest of honor in “Al-Kabir Awi” to his new series “Baba,” Akram Hosni is competing in the Ramadan race, using his friends to laugh as guests of honor in a few scenes for each actor, including: Ahmed Amin and Karim Fahmy.

Akram Hosni, the hero of the work, did not get the opportunity to star in a drama until two years ago through the series “Matoob Alia.”

“Daddy come”

Fathers and sons
Actor Hisham Majed is having his first experience in the absolute lead in the series “Ashqat Ashghal”, which is directed by Khaled Diab, who wrote the script with his sister Sherine Diab, and co-starring Asma Jalal and Salwa Muhammad Ali.

The series monitors the crisis of finding a house manager to care for the children. The husband, who works as a forensic medicine specialist, and his wife have twins, and they decide to hire a house manager, which causes them suffering.

Regarding the crises faced by parents and children, the makers of the “Kamil Al-Qadam” series invested in the success of Part 1 last Ramadan, and Part 2 will be presented in the 2024 Ramadan series season, which witnesses new comedic situations for a couple, who defy the circumstances in order to take care of their children, and the series stars Dina El-Sherbiny and Sherif. Salama, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi.

Marital disputes are also the theme on which the idea of ​​the series “Khaled Nour and his son Nour Khaled” is based. The series stars Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Chico, Aya Samaha, and Sherif Ramzy, and is directed by Mohamed Amin.

The “Lunch Box” series is concerned with presenting social problems for mothers. The events revolve around 3 women, the first working in a supermarket, another in a hospital, and the third a housewife. The series is written and dialogued by Amr Medhat, directed by Hisham Al-Rashidi, and starring: Jamila Awad, Ahmed Wafik, and Sidqi Sakhr.

Regarding the suffering that divorced women are exposed to, the events of “We Left Two” revolve around it, starring Rania Youssef and Sherif Mounir, and directed by Tariq Refaat. The series relies on the sarcastic comic paradoxes that arise from the heroine who decides to separate from her husband, and then faces society’s view of her as a woman. divorced.

After a quick visit to the tragedy last year, Nelly Karim preferred to search for laughter through the series “Strawberry”, which was written by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malek and directed by Marwan Abdel Moneim, in which the character of Strawberry is presented, who is the daughter of a real estate guard and faces challenges and obstacles in her life until she becomes a businesswoman. .

Among the comedy series that the Ramadan season is witnessing – also – is “Sadafa”, starring Reham Hajjaj, Khaled Al-Sawy and Salwa Khattab, written by Ayman Salama and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz. The series relies on situational comedy through the heroine Sidfa, who hides a dangerous secret from everyone around her, but she… She is later forced to reveal this secret.

Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Karim Afifi, and Rana Rais get the opportunity to star in the series “For Smart People Only,” directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki. Its events revolve in a comedic format around a young man who falls in love with a colleague at the university and tries to invent a treatment for a rare disease.

KAnd Gulf media

Comedy also has its share of Gulf drama in the Ramadan 2024 season, as the Saudi series “Plan B” is presented, starring Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj, Mila Al-Zahrani, and Ibrahim Al-Khair Allah, and directed by Mounir Al-Zoghbi, and its events revolve through comedic situations, performed by a theater team whose members decided to leave… Acting, carrying out a special mission and disguising different characters to monitor and thwart a scam, thus becoming involved in a conspiracy.

As shown in the series “Jack Al-Alam”, starring Majid Mutreb Fawaz, Reem Abdullah and Habib Al-Habib, and directed by Abdullah Al-Arak, it takes place in a family context through the disputes that arise between the husband and the wife who are trying to control and impose their opinion.

From Kuwait, the series “Mint Rayeq” is being shown, directed by Nahla Al-Fahad, and starring Heba Al-Dari, Abdel Aziz Al-Nassar, and Shihab Hajieh. It is the positions of a group of journalists with the owner of the newspaper they work for, and they cover social and artistic events.

As for the Emirati series “Murdi and Dahham,” it stars comedy stars from the Gulf, including Abdel Nasser Darwish, Ahmed Al-Aounan, and Bilal Abdullah, and is directed by Abdullah Al-Arak. The events revolve around the two friends, Mardi and Dahham, who are two swindlers who invent ideas daily with the aim of fraud, which leads to many… From comedic situations, in addition to the series’ review of the problems and disagreements that occur between couples.

Comedy from Iraq and Syria

Competing in the Ramadan drama season is the Iraqi series “Inherit My Aunt,” in which stars from various Arab countries participate, including Enas Talib and Iyad Rady, and from Egypt, Intisar, Alaa Morsi, Iman Al-Sayed, and Hassan Abdel Fattah, as the events revolve around a dispute that arises between an Egyptian family and an Iraqi family over an inheritance. Mali, which generates comic ironies.

From Syria, he participates in the comedy series “Love Each Other” by director Omar Al-Dahbi. The series revolves around separate episodes about a group of social stories from the reality of daily life within Syrian society. Andre Skaf, Ghada Bashour, Rajaa Youssef, Bassam Dakkak, and Radwan Kuntar participate in the series.

Also from Syria is the series “A Groom on Demand”, whose events revolve in a comedic context around Dana, who creates an association for the reconciliation of spouses. The series stars Dana Jabr, Atef Hoshan, and Umayyah Malas, and is written by Nisreen Al-Hailouni and directed by Ammar Tamim.

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