Thought Leader Ads | A new feature in LinkedIn, how can you exploit it for your brand??

The LinkedIn platform launched the Thought Leader Ads campaign, which includes a version of branded content promotion, and this allows companies to promote their content not only by exploiting their employees, but through any other user.

The basic idea is that promoting publications by individuals who do not work in companies contributes to the promotion of ideas and experiences among people, and enhances the credibility of the brand and the reputation of the company.

There is a dedicated search tool in the promotion campaign manager. By searching for the name of the first and second person and entering the sponsored content link, the search results are presented with a list of the member’s posts that the brand can sponsor.

The blogger of the selected post can receive a notification that the application has been approved or rejected for abuse and fraudulent promotion, and the blogger can also withdraw from promoting the brand.

Thought Leader Ads is only used for brand awareness and engagement campaigns, which target individual posts, images and videos, which is why this stage is not available for polling, live text update and pdf file uploading.

Thought Leader Ads campaigns for non-employees will be launched globally at the end of this March, and Microsoft’s developers commented that 73 decision makers trust the content of thought leaders more strongly than marketing methods, in order to evaluate the organization’s capabilities and competencies.

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