Today… qualified investors began subscribing to 2.44 million shares of Nomu Mineral Energy Trading shares

Today... qualified investors began subscribing to 2.44 million shares of Nomu Mineral Energy Trading shares

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Today, Wednesday, March 6, 2024, qualified investors will begin subscribing to 2.44 million shares of the company’s shares. Mineral energies for trade It is scheduled to be listed in the parallel market – Nomu, where the offering price was set at 18 riyals per share.

The number of shares offered for subscription represents 20% of its shares after the offering, and 25% of the company’s capital before the offering.

The subscription period for eligible investors in the offering shares will continue for 6 working days, ending on Wednesday, March 13, 2024..

The IPO of the Mineral Energies Trading Company today is the sixth IPO that the parallel market has witnessed growth during the current year 2024, after the IPO of the Mineral Energies Trading Company. Trans Gulf Marketing On January 10, Inc Business tag On January 25, Inc Medical specialty therapy On January 28, Inc Kwara Finance On February 4, Inc Governorate for education On February 28th.

It is noteworthy that the Capital Market Authority had approved, in December 2023, the company’s request to register and offer its shares in the parallel market.

Subscription to the offering shares is limited to qualified investors, namely::

Financial market institutions acting on their own account.

– Clients of a financial market institution licensed to practice management work, provided that the financial market institution has been appointed on conditions that enable it to take decisions regarding accepting participation in the offering and investment in the parallel market on behalf of the client without the need to obtain prior approval from him.

– The government of the Kingdom, or any governmental entity, or any international body recognized by the Authority, or the market, or any other financial market recognized by the Authority, or the depository center.

– Government-owned companies, directly or through a portfolio managed by a person licensed to practice management work.

– Companies and funds established in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

– investment funds.

– Non-resident foreigners who are allowed to invest in the parallel market and who meet the requirements stipulated in the guideline for investing in non-resident foreigners in the parallel market.

– Qualified foreign financial institutions.

– Any other legal persons who may open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account with the deposit center.

– Natural persons may open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account with the deposit center. They meet any of the following criteria:

1- He must have made transactions in the stock markets with a total value of not less than 40 million riyals and not less than ten transactions in each quarter during the past twelve months.

2- The net asset value should not be less than 5 million riyals.

3- He must work or have worked for at least 3 years in the financial sector.

4- He must have a general certificate for dealing in securities approved by the Authority.

5- He must have a specialized professional certificate in the field of securities business accredited by an internationally recognized body.

6– Any other persons determined by the Authority.

information about the company:

The company was initially established as an individual institution in 2017 in the city of Riyadh, and was transformed into a closed Saudi joint stock company in 2021, with its current capital amounting to 97.5 million riyals.

The company’s current actual activity is recycling iron, metals and scrap.

The following is the most important information about the offering:

company information


Mineral energies for trade


Parallel market – growth

Field of Company

Metal recycling

The company’s capital

97.5 million riyals

Capital after increase

121.88 million riyals

Subscription information

Subtraction ratio

20% after the offering (equivalent to 25% before the offering)

Number of shares offered

2.438 million shares

The minimum


The upper limit


Offer period

Starting from March 6, 2024, for a period of 6 working days
Expires on March 13, 2024

Announcing the final allocation

March 18, 2024

Refund the surplus (if any)

March 21, 2024

Shareholders of the company


Before offering

After subtraction

Number of Shares

(million shares)

ownership percentage

Number of Shares

(million shares)

ownership percentage

Fahd bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Khunaini





Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali Al-Hudayf





Remaining shareholders (76 shareholders)





Qualified investors








additional information

financial consultant

Financial standard

The subscription manager and the receiving destination

Alinma Investment

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