Toyota Camry 2024 is an ideal choice for families looking for comfort and economy

TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 is one of the cars that has many features and reasonable prices, and its specifications are suitable for the money it buys, and it is one of the best Japanese multi-use cars. The car belongs to the sedan category, and it combines a distinctive, powerful modern design with distinctive and wonderful performance, and it is during Your platform website So we will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the TOYOTA CAMRY 2024.

What are the specifications of the car? TOYOTA CAMRY 2024

Specifications of the economical family car, Toyota Camry

The car is distinguished by a set of features that are unique to it only, and the specifications are represented in the following points:

  • The model name is Camry, produced by the Japanese company Toyota, and it has many categories such as LE, LE STD, GLE, HEV LE, and HEV GLE.
  • The car has three engines: 2500 CC hybrid, 3500 CC gasoline, and 2500 CC gasoline.
  • The power of the first car engine is 215 hp with a torque of 221 Newton/meters, while the second engine is powered as follows: 3500 gasoline, reaching 297 hp/356 Newton, and the third is 2,500 gasoline, reaching 204 hp/243 Newton.
  • The 2024 TOYOTA CAMRY features front-wheel drive.
  • The car runs on gasoline.
  • The transmission consists of 8 speeds.
  • The fuel consumption rate of the TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 is 2500CC hybrid, 26 kilograms per liter, 3500CC gasoline, reaching 14.2 kilograms per liter, and 2500CC medium gasoline, 18 kilograms per liter.

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Car features TOYOTA CAMRY 2024

The car has many features that make it suitable for its price, and its features are as follows:

  • The car is accompanied by an elegant and luxurious exterior design.
  • The car is distinguished by its very comfortable interior cabin, and it is equipped with electronic air conditioning with air purification.
  • The car is very fuel efficient.
  • The car has many safety and security features, including 6 airbags, a rear camera for viewing, and an electronic brake force distribution system.
  • The brakes of the TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 are anti-slip, there is an air pressure monitoring system in the tires, it has a blind spot avoidance system, and there is an assistance system to avoid a front collision..
  • The car has a lot of entertainment features, such as LED front lighting, a 9-inch touch screen, a USB port, and an Apple Car Play system.
  • The colors of the TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 are black, metallic grey, red, blue, bright white, pearl white, and brown.

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Car price TOYOTA CAMRY 2024

There is a TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 in Saudi Arabia at added value, but without registration and insurance fees, and it is as follows:

LE STD class 99,820 Saudi riyals
THE 103,500
TOGETHER 104,075
GLE 112,355
HEV GLE 115,345
SE 118,335
GLE-X 130,065
SE V6 134,780
GRANDE V6 147,545
GRANDE HEV 148,120

The TOYOTA CAMRY 2024 is one of the distinctive cars, and its prices are commensurate with the amazing specifications it offers. It is one of the cars needed by many who have a large number of family members, as it provides comfort, elegance, and a spacious location.

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