UFC Fight Night: Whittaker vs Aliskerov Prelim Results

Kang had his greatest success when he was able to initiate and control the grappling exchanges, working to mount and back mount at different times throughout the fight, and generally being the more effective of the two on the canvas. Gafurov, by contrast, did his best work when the two were in space, hurting the South Korean veteran towards the end of the second round with nice body work and some heavy low kicks, as well as a spinning wheel kick in the closing minutes of the fight.

For the third straight fight, the combatants used their full allotment of time in the Octagon, leaving the decision in the hands of the judges. When the tens and nines were tallied, it was Gafurov that came out ahead, earning a clean sweep of the scorecards and his first UFC victory. | Official Scorecards

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