Upholding the imprisonment ruling for the person who caused a health problem for journalist Iman Al-Hosary as a result of a medical error for two years at work

The New Cairo Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the imprisonment sentence for the accused of causing a health problem for the female journalist Iman Al-Hosary As a result of a medical error, two years with work.

The New Cairo Misdemeanor District Court had sentenced Dr. M.G. to two years in prison with labor and required him to pay bail for his accusation in Case No. 7691 of 2021, Misdemeanor, Fifth Division, New Cairo.

The accused had undergone surgery By journalist Iman Al-Hosary The presenter of the “Masaa DMC” program, where the accused caused the media personality to suffer a major health crisis as a result of a medical error that almost killed her.

It is noteworthy that the accused was sentenced in many similar cases, where he exposed many patients to danger.

She was a media person Iman Al-Hosarythe presenter of the DMC evening program, left for Germany to undergo a new surgery after 5 months of health suffering due to a medical error she was exposed to while undergoing surgery in a Cairo hospital in April 2021, which caused her to undergo a series of failed surgeries that resulted in a severe deterioration in her condition. Health.

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