Usher Cohen will appear in Bloomfield? “Something big is on the way”

Now, according to a publication by Mako’s website, the singer plans to step up in terms of the number of people at the concert and occupy the Bloomfield Stadium, which has about 30,000 seats compared to Menorah, which has about 10,000. In the summary post of the three performances in Menorah, he wrote at the end “PS – stay tuned, something big is on the way” probably alluding to the performance in Bloomfield. Just this morning, Eyal Golan announced 3 huge concerts in Bloomfield.

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After a period of months without performances, the best artists in Israel announce new performances, with Menorah Hall being the most popular destination, Osher Cohen, Lior Narkis, Sasson Efram Shaolov and more have already announced performances at this hall. Usher Cohen’s performances received positive reviews from the audience present at the concert, who also enjoyed special and unexpected guest appearances by the beloved singer Carolina, the rapper Feld and the duo Ness and Stila.

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