Video – Asala reveals the reason for her renewed illness with polio and her suffering from depression

Star Asala Nasri spoke about her suffering from polio, which still haunts her and causes her some pain.

The Syrian star said in the Big Time podcast, presented by the journalist Amr Adeeb, and co-presented by the star Yasmine Sabry: “The problem with my leg occurred 4 years ago, and the disease renewed in me because it is affected by sadness. My legs are sensitive like me, and when I get upset, they always get upset.”

Asala responded to the program presenter’s astonishment about the return of the disease to adults, and said: “It will not come back, it is not gone, I have polio and it is still there.” Amr Adeeb interrupted her, saying: “Doesn’t this polio remain for children and end in adults?”, to answer him. Asala joked: “So I tell you that I am a child.”

She continued: “The disease remains, but we live with it, and it always requires training and exercise. I generally move a lot and play sports, but I stopped it a while ago and will return.”

Asala also spoke about her suffering from depression, her entry into the difficult stage of treatment, and the medications that negatively affected her, pointing out that she now prefers talking to a life coach to provide her with positive energy.

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